Empower the Women in Your Life: 10 Inspirational Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

by sophiachole03

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of women and the progress we’ve made in creating a more equitable society. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges that women still face and to support the women in our lives. If you’re looking for gift ideas to inspire and empower the women in your life this Women’s Day, here are ten ideas to consider.

Books by Inspiring 

Women’s Books written by inspiring women are a great way to celebrate Women’s Day. From memoirs and autobiographies to self-help and business books, there are plenty of titles to choose from. Some of our favorites include “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis, and “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.

Feminist Apparel 

Feminist apparel is a great way to show support for gender equality and inspire the women in your life. You can choose from a wide range of clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, hats, and jewelry, all featuring empowering messages and designs. Some great options include the “Nevertheless She Persisted” t-shirt or the “Feminist” necklace.

Professional Development Resources 

For women in the workforce, professional development resources are a great way to show support and help them reach their career goals. This can include access to online courses, networking events, or mentorship opportunities. If the woman in your life is an entrepreneur, consider gifting her a subscription to a business publication or a membership to a coworking space.

Artwork by Female Artists 

Artwork is a great way to add some inspiration and empowerment to any space, and there are many talented female artists to choose from. Whether you opt for a print or an original piece, artwork by female artists can be a great way to support the arts and showcase women’s talent. Some great options include Frida Kahlo prints or original works by contemporary artists like Kehinde Wiley or Mickalene Thomas. You can order and surprise her with online gift delivery to her workplace.

Wellness Gifts 

Self-care and wellness are important for everyone, but they can be especially important for women who often juggle multiple responsibilities. Some great wellness gift ideas include yoga mats, aromatherapy diffusers, or a subscription to a meditation app. You could also consider gifting a membership to a local gym or yoga studio.

Supportive Stationery 

For women who love to journal or write, supportive stationery can be a great gift. This could include notebooks with empowering messages or pens with inspirational quotes. You could also consider gifting a custom-made journal with a personalized message of encouragement.

Accessories that Empower 

Accessories are a great way to add some inspiration to any outfit. Some great options include bracelets with uplifting messages or a “Nevertheless She Persisted” pin. You could also consider gifting a handbag or tote with a feminist message.

Donation to a Women’s Organization 

Donating to a women’s organization can be a great way to support women’s rights and make a difference in the world. You could choose an organization that focuses on issues like domestic violence, reproductive rights, or women’s health. Make the donation in the name of the woman you’re gifting it to, and she’ll know that her Women’s Day gift is making a positive impact.

Creative Workshops 

For women who love to learn new skills or express themselves creatively, creative workshops can be a great gift. This could include a writing workshop, a painting class, or even a cooking course. Not only will she learn something new, but she’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other women who share her interests.

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Time and Attention 

Time and attention are precious commodities in today’s fast-paced world, and showing someone that you are willing to dedicate both to them can be a powerful expression of love and appreciation. In a world where distractions are constant, giving someone your full attention can make them feel seen and heard, which can be incredibly meaningful. Time is a finite resource, and spending it with the important women in your life can help strengthen relationships and build cherished memories. Whether it’s a phone call, a visit, or simply a few moments of undivided attention, making time for the women in your life can be the greatest gift of all.

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