Facts About Deep Plane Facelifts

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Deep Plane Facelift

Aging is a problem that cannot be eliminated. While you have to learn to live with the telltale signs of aging that develop slowly yet surely, you are entitled to delay them as much as possible. Merely applying cosmetics may not be effective. For one, the results will wear off within a few hours and the original face reveals tired eyes and dropping cheeks with the sin marred by tiny lines and wrinkles yet again. Going under the knife or considering a facelift can help to reduce the aging process substantially. It is further effective to consider undergoing one of the deep plane facelifts that result in near miraculous outcomes. 

Such a facelift is considered to be the most invasive procedure. No worries! You will be pleased to learn that it provides the best and long-lasting results too.  

Why consider deep plane facelifts?

Sure, you will obtain multiple benefits once you undergo the procedure successfully. However, it is important to discuss the process with the concerned surgeon well in advance to know what you may experience during and after the procedure. Some of the related fats that are a must-know include the following: 

  • The professional will address the skin tissue and muscles positioned deeper within your face to improve the aesthetics substantially
  • This type of facelift works wonderfully well for the mid-face region. The surgeon also improves the deep creases on the nasolabial folds for dramatic improvement
  • A majority of patients are pleased with the results as they tend to look much younger with the face revealing a youthful luster that had been lost by aging signs
  • The rejuvenation of the facial skin is provided by an experienced surgeon who addresses the lax skin by changing the deeper tissues and muscle structure. The professional also releases the taut ligaments and repositions the fat, skin, and underlying muscles to create a younger and harmonious effect
  • The outcome is natural-looking facial skin with no obvious signs of having a facelift done. This deeper facelift is preferred by numerous patients who are eager to avoid the pulled look found in patients undergoing the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) procedure

Right Candidate

You are sure to be concerned about your eligibility once you desire to go for the deep plane procedure. You will be well advised to inquire at the concerned clinic or ask the concerned surgeon who will be sure to explain your suitability or lack of it. You must qualify for the following factors before considering this invasive surgical procedure: 

  • Good general health
  • Aged between 40 to 50 years with some amount of sagging noticeable in the mid and lower facial region
  • You desire this facelift as the primary procedure with no experience of undergoing a previous facelift
  • Should be a non-smoker
  • Should not be diagnosed with any bleeding disorder

The results of deep plane facelifts are dramatic no doubt but it is important to have realistic expectations before going for the procedure.

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