Desert Safari Dubai: Explore Types, Prices & Locations

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Desert Safari Dubai

Discovering the Thrills of Dubai Desert Safari


Tourists & Adventure seekers from all over the world come to Dubai and want to enjoy its desert adventures. Dubai’s deserts that will make you gasp for air are camel rides, sandboarding, and exciting Dubai safaris. The best way to get your heart racing in the sand dunes is on Desert Safari Dubai.


Read these guidelines to make the best safaris in Dubai. Get to know the best places to go, the cheapest tours, and the best deals for a desert safari in Dubai.



Different Types of Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai Safari tours are top-rated and have some of the world’s most beautiful desert sceneries. It would be best if you have to go on a safari to get a taste of what the desert is like.


1.    Morning Safari


Dubai safaris leave first thing in the morning, so people who want to get jump on the day should go on one. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sun rising and the cool morning breeze. On a morning safari, you can see the desert without the sun being too hot. There are also camels, sandboard, and quad bikes, among other fun things to do.


2.    Evening Desert Safari


If you want scenic views, go on a desert safari in Dubai at sunset. As you drive into the desert, often stop to take in the beautiful pictures of the setting sun and the night sky. This Safari Dubai tour is full of fun things to do, tasty meals, and lots of fun and excitement.


3.    Overnight Safari


People who want to see the desert after dark should go on an overnight desert safari. You can sleep under the stars and wake up to a gorgeous sunrise. On an overnight safari, you will enjoy the peaceful and quiet environment of the desert. There are also things like stargazing, getting henna tattoos, and sitting around a campfire.


4.    Private Desert Safari


If you want a unique desert adventure, go on a private safari. You can make your desert adventure because the schedule is flexible. Other fun things here include sandboarding, four-wheeling, and riding camels.


Dubai is a great place to go on trips into the desert. Finding a suitable safari in the Dubai desert for your needs and budget is essential. There are so many safari desert Dubai discounts that you can have the best safari tour ever without spending a fortune.


Dubai Desert Safari Prices and Locations


A. Dubai Desert Safari Prices


The cost of a Dubai desert safari depends on factors like the time of day, duration of the trip, and the specific activities included in the package. We’ve given you some rough numbers to help you plan:


1.     Morning safari price:


This 3- to 4-hour trip starts at AED 135 and includes dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding, among other activities.


2.     Evening safari price:


A 5–6-hour trip often includes dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, camp entertainment, and a BBQ meal starting at AED 175 per person.


3.     Overnight safari price:


Prices start at AED 350 per person for a 16-hour trip that usually includes dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, camp entertainment, stargazing, and an overnight stay in a desert camp.


B. Top Desert Safari Dubai Locations


Dubai has many beautiful desert areas that are perfect for a safari. Some of them are on this list;


1.     Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve:

  • The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a vast expanse of land.
  • It features undulating sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see.
  • The reserve provides a protected habitat for a diverse range of desert flora a
  • Many plants and animals live in the wild, including Arabian Oryx, gazelles, sand foxes, and over 120 species of birds.


2.     Lahbab Desert:


The desert area is known for its beautiful red sand dunes, making it a great place to ride dune buggies and take pictures in Desert.


3.     Al Awir Desert:


Al Awir Desert is a popular tourist spot because it is easy to get to Dubai and has a wide range of safari desert activities.



You will never forget a trip through the desert of Dubai with adventurous activities. There are different safaris for people who like to get up early and people who want to stay up late, so no one has to miss out. You can make your trip stand out by taking a private Dubai safari or sticking to tried-and-true methods.


Dubai’s most beautiful desert places are the Dubai Desert Conservation Area, the Lahbab Desert, and the Al Awir Desert. Dubai safaris can be pricey, but many deals and discounts can help you save money.


There are must-see places during Desert Safari Dubai that will give you an adventure you will never forget. To explore the beautiful deserts of Dubai, pack your bags and prepare for an experience you’ll never forget.



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