Best Powder Coating Systems in 2023

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Your powder coating system will significantly impact the quality of the powder coating finishes you produce. Which powder coating system is perfect for you? Here are the top powder coating systems for your business from Ramseier Koatings.  

What are the Best Coating Systems in 2023?

CQB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System

This model of powder coating system is built using cutting-edge sandwich booth construction techniques. The spray booth has two interchangeable touch-up points, one on each end. The powder is transferred effectively because of the excellent airflow design. This system will take up minimal time in terms of maintenance, cleaning, and color change, and it conforms to safety requirements and assessment procedures. This one is perfect if you want an eye-catching, modern, and exquisitely designed powder coating system. Special KHP-1 special engineering plastics are used to construct the spray booth. As a result, switching colors is simpler and faster, and the workpiece’s powder coating efficiency can also be improved. The spray booth’s design incorporates a wide angle to minimize the likelihood of mixed colors due to unclean dead spots. Because of its concentrated and consistent airflow, the spray booth’s downward airflow design significantly improves powder coating productivity and quality. The operator can keep a close eye on the workpiece thanks to the dust-proof system’s top and vertical side placement, which also helps to prevent waste from missed sprays. An operating platform at the manual spraying port is installed to make spraying, cleaning, and changing colors by hand as easy as possible. Also, its size is user-friendly, and the design is compact. The powder coating system available for purchase is made to strict security specifications.  

CBS st/st Powder Coating System

You can maximize powdering efficiency on your workpiece thanks to the contemporary design mode that allows for steady airflow and even airflow distribution within the spray booth. The unique shape and industrial design make this system an elegant choice. The design of this Ramseier Koatings powder coating system requires minimal technical know-how to set up.  Ensure a constant powder feeding rate with its airflow distribution design. Also, the up-to-date   airstream’s non-contact floor washing system makes changing colors effortless and quick. You can use it as either a commercial or industrial powder painting system.  

KMB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System

Go for the KMB  “Magic Box” series of quick color change systems to ease your color-changing troubles. The auto spray booth is part of a plastic and recycling system that speeds up the color-changing process, increasing the efficiency with which equipment is used. Elegant appearance and has a beautiful design with a modern touch. KHP-1 special engineering plastics are used to construct the spray booth. Therefore, it is easier and faster to switch colors and can also improve the workpiece’s powder coating efficiency. With the spray booth’s broad angle at the top, painters may quickly and easily switch colors without worrying about their paint mixing due to any uncleaned spots. Powder coating efficiency plus quality are guaranteed by the spray booth’s downward airflow design, which makes air flow stable and focused. The size is user-friendly, and you can easily maintain the powder coating system. All parts of the industrial spray booth are built according to safety standards.

Take Away

As with any equipment, your parts and desired finishes determine the best powder coating system. Powder coating systems range in quality and price, but finding one that suits your needs and budget is possible with some thought and research.

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